Development of Fiber Optic Sensor System for Multiplexing of Ultrasonic Waves in Real-time Structural Health Monitoring

The mechanical structures included in civil/architecture structures need the non-destructive detection system for structural health monitoring in real-time for safety nowaday. Compared to the non-destructive detection system using an existing sensor system, fiber optic sensor has many advantages. Therefore, a study of fiber optic sensor system has been conducted to measure various physical values. Under the various study of fiber optic sensor system, our laboratory has studied the fiber optic sensor system to measure the acoustic wave and ultrasonic wave induced from structural damage. 

Development of GUI-Software for Real-time Signal Processing based on Internet

The nuclear power plant that requires the safety has a potential risk. Therefore, it needs the integrated structural health monitoring system to detect the damage of structure easily. The aim of this project is to develop a work software based on moire-fringe fiber optic sensor system for the nuclear power plant monitoring. For this purpose, we have studied the phase-compensation algorithm to make the 90 degree between two signals and the development of software based on graphic user interface(GUI). 

Development of SHM Technologies for High Speed Mobile Robot with Ultrasonic NDE for the Surface of Pipework in PHWR

The nuclear power plant must perform the safety inspection of pipes because it can occur the casualties by leak of pipe. But, the many pipes of nuclear power plant have difficult access and limitation of inspection. Therefore, it is needed the mobile robot to inspect the pipe of the nuclear power plant. If this robot is used for the inspection of the pipe in nuclear power plant, it will overcome the limitation of inspector and improve the reliability of the pipe. For this purpose, this project has studied the non-destructive inspection system development using EMAT(Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer) mounted on the robot system.