Welcome to the Smart Structures Laboratory at the Seoul National University of Science and Technology(Seoul Tech). Our laboratory has studied the "Smart or Intelligent Structures" that corresponds the change of external environment by itself. The smart structures detect the influence of external environment and the change of internal structural state at the same time. It is composed of the Work System, Brain System, Detection System largely. The work system uses the Piezoelectric Ceramics, ER Fluid, Shape Memory Alloy, etc. The detection system mainly uses the Semiconductor Sensor, Metal Thin Film Sensor, Piezoelectric Sensor and Fiber Optic Sensor, etc.

In detail, our laboratory has been concentrated on "Structural Health Monitoring" that detects the damage of smart structure caused by influence of external environment under the smart structure study. Also, our laboratory has mainly researched Fiber Optic Sensors and Piezoelectric Sensors as smart sensors.

Especially, the fiber optic are called a "Signal Transmission Medium of Dream" because its size is very small as the thickness of the hair 3-4 times and it is possible the long distance transmission. By applying the smart sensor such as fiber optic sensor, we have studied the various measurements such as displacement, strain, acceleration, etc. Also, our laboratory has conducted the techniques of signal processing to find out the characteristic of signal that is acquired by the various sensors such as Fiber Optic Sensors and Piezoelectric Sensors.

In summary, the topics interested in our laboratory are in below,

  • Structural Health Monitoring
  • Smart Structures
  • Advanced Sensor System (Fiber Optic Sensor, Piezoelectric Transducer, etc.)
  • Signal Processing for Damage Assessment